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What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils

have been around for a long time.

Essential oils are volatile liquids that are removed from plants, trees, shrubs, flowers and fruit rinds.

They are mentioned multiple times in old Egyptians writings as well as the Bible. God gave us exactly what we needed to maintain our health on a daily basis!

Essential oils are the easiest, safest and most powerful thing we have today in both maintaining and rejuvenating our health.  


The Science

Within the plant, the essential oils have protective properties which are the plants natural defense mechanism — they work to fight off infections, bacteria and fungus and viruses, carry oxygen, they contain hormone-like compounds, they work to regenerate cells and provide for healing within the plant structure — they do the same thing in the human body and therefore have medicinal properties. We are all made of the same basic building blocks of life. Essential oils are recognized by our cells, and our body puts them to use immediately. The body recognizes the molecules because they have the same structures. That is how they can be so powerful in our body!

Only Young Living!

Essential oils have hundreds of constituents that are affected by the seed variety, soil conditions, fertilizer, geographic region, climate, altitude, harvesting methods/times, and distillation processes. Young Living manages every one of these parts of the process down to the tiniest details to insure the most potent final product on their nine farms worldwide. This is called their Seed to Seal promise. Young Living tests every batch of oil to the fullest extent. If an oil does not meet all their standards, it does not get put in a bottle. And all of our Vitality oils, labeled for ingestion, are Certified Organic, Non-GMO!



You can trust that Young Living Essential Oils are the ONLY brand of oils that are 100% pure, therapeutic, unadulterated and safe for you and your loved ones!

I only use Young Living Essential Oils on my Raindrop clients!

Ready to start your journey


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